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Plot of the Site ** Important ** Read First.

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Plot of the Site ** Important ** Read First. Empty Plot of the Site ** Important ** Read First.

Post by Kilbren Sharpe on Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:19 am

Plot of the Site.

Forum plot:
In a land far away, in the middle of the largest ocean in the world which stretches miles in every direction and is deep as deep can be, lays the land of Amrdiham. The island was built as a gate to something bigger, something more than extraordinary, more than unbelievable, wilder than your wildest dream. It keeps something in and it keeps something out – but nobody know...The city itself is reasonably large with the outer edges full of white crystal beaches which give way to large sheer cliffs that rise up out of the sand like monstrous teeth with jagged tops, dangerous to walk upon even for the sure footed. The mountains curl down and give way to the plains, a long stretch of desert which is where men are banished. This place is a place of death, where dark magicians and sorcerers gather on the fringes of this city with nowhere to go. The plains then stop at an old stone wall with four gates on each direct point of the compass.

The doors are locked with steel mechanisms which take magic to open of the purest kind. Past the gates there are thick forests full of poisonous snakes and plants, ferocious animals and dark men who have gone made and taken themselves to the shadows of the forests. The forests roll away into fields and meadows where the soil is rich and full of nutrients; a place to grown everything you would ever need. Slowly the farms get farmhouses and then small clusters of houses appear before getting heavier and heavier and heavier. Shops and houses which all seemed to be curved together and weaved in and out of each other in a maze of houses, impossible to find your way around if you didn’t have a guide or know your way around.

At the centre of the maze is a large building, a bit like a palace but wider and less elegant. The outside walls are made of moonstone which absorb heat and light into the walls and store for those winter nights. The place would be surrounded by gardens of the richest and most beautiful flowers you would ever imagine to see. Inside the building is a maze in itself. On the lower floor there is the welcome desk and lobby with 4 stair cases leading to different sections of the building. Through two oak double doors there is the meeting room with seating for over 2 million different people. There would be a large flooring area with stones with strange markings on with a table dead centre, a staff laid across it on gold and glass casing, a sacred and valued item. The rest of the floor would consist of servant quarters. The second floor would be the first in the two floors of class rooms. Each floor would have 50 classrooms, all large and spacious and room to hold 30 students. The upper 3 floors would be student dormitories. The first floor would be from 5 – 10, the second from 11 – 15 and the third 16 – 20. The next 2 floors would be for teachers and the top top floor would be the observatory where you could go and stand and see over every bit of the island in upmost detail. This building was The Guild. A place, children go from the age of 5 if they had The Mark; a silvery sliver of a moon imprinted on their forehead. It would be a red/brown colour when the child was born then fades to a silver scar, hardly visible. Often these children would be born into one of the 7 powerful families:

- Lucifer
- Stargazer
- Merchant
- Vincent
- Mai

In the tallest towers there would be large entrances and exists for the magnificent large butterflies with paper-like wings which are as strong as steel, carrying up to 10 soldiers a wing.

Under this city there would be an almost identical city made up of pipes and sewage works, with secret passage ways and doors popping up and opening all over the city, used by thief’s and robbers to get about unseen and unheard. With keys passed from leader to leader of the gang Vigilance.

A very calm and peaceful city with hidden secrets and reputations but things did go wrong now and then...Black magicians or lost souls turned evil by taint try to over through The Guilds powers as they are forced back again and again. However, sometimes the problem was as small a rogue magician.
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