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Post by Lanstrlen on Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:56 am

Name:(Al')Lan Stargazer

Appearance: ( Neo from Matrix)

Eye colour(s):Brown
Hair colour:Brown(dark)
Height:6 foot 7 inches
Build: At first glance there is very little noticeable about Lan's build,he seems slim but under it all he is muscular and sinuous.
Scars, piercings, tattoos or wounds:Lan has a scar down his left thigh,one along his right cheek and another along his right hand shoulder.The Mark(Silver cresent moon mark on his forehead) is another standing feature of Lan's that makes him rougher and grittier in first appearances and impressions.
Personality:Lan is an unknown quantity to almost everyone,he can be viscous and uncaring but he has a fatherly tender(ish) side that shows,he can be caring or cruel,vengeful or even forgiving.

History/Bio/Background: Lan has made little of his life,born with the mark upon his forehead as his children and his fore bearers did. He attended the usual for those with the mark,his mark had shown later than was normal so at the time his abilities were wild and unpredictable.He had learned all he needed to control his abilities then he had purposefully left,little was there to interest him and so he settled for a while,seeking someone to fall in love with and start a family with,he found her a few years later,by this time he was barely old enough for it,they had two children within 18 months and were bogged down with responsibility,until the woman Lan loved left him,they had sealed no knot of faith nor made an oath of commitment,so Lan was left to raise the children as best he could,with so little to supply them with they scrapped by.Now his son attended the Guild and was a guardian,and once again Lan was left to find love and live pretty much alone.Little to come of his life any more Lan has contemplated the paths he could walk,and has found none to his taste.He knows to drift like this could lead to him exiling himself from his birth home and where he has been raised all his life,and so his path is winding with no direction that he can surely follow.

Name:Air Dash
What is Does:A sudden build up and release of extreme air pressure blasts Lan into the air,though this spell is potentially a quick disaster Lan tends to use it to get over walls
Chanted or Spoken:Conjured in the mind

Name:Water Geyser
What is Does:The ground beneath Lan's target ruptures and a blast of steam engulfs his enemy,though this is highly draining and dangerous for Lan it can and is used when he is in combat
Chanted or Spoken:Spoken

Name:Concentrated air blast
What is Does:With minute movements of the earth Lan creates a wind tunnel around himself and with a gesture of his arms winds of up to 100 MPH rip through the ten foot area around Lan,rarely used because there is the chance it will back fire and a wind vortex may develop around Lan which would leave him bloodied and broken boned.
Chanted or Spoken:Chanted spell

Name: Concentrated rock blast
What is Does:Lan concentrates all his magical energies into a heel slam which dislodges a group of small rocks,as the fly up into the air he forces them forwards with a strong gust of wind,the small sharp rock shards then dart around the area where he is targeting,though often they begin whipping around him as well
Chanted or Spoken:spoken

What is Does:Lan must be stood near a river or stream to perform this,or the coast.Pulling the water into himself by manipulating the ground he then sends the water in a raging torrent along the ground in the direction of his enemy,with rip currents and viscous wave this generally brings Lan down along with his enemy and wash them either out to see or further inland.
Chanted or Spoken:

What is Does:Manipulating the ground beneath him Lan forces it to shake and rupture,this puts him and his enemies off balance and can be used to break bones and splinter joints but if so it does it to Lan as well.
Chanted or Spoken:chanted.

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Post by Zero Stargazer on Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:00 am

approved by me wait for socky or jessy to look too


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Name:Fire Ball

Name: Ice Shards

Name: Lightning Shock
Element: Lightning

Name:Fire blast

Name:Thunder Bolt

Name:Ice blade
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Post by Athena Skye on Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:06 am

Approved ^^
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Post by Kilbren Sharpe on Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:18 am

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