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Character/Magical Registration Empty Character/Magical Registration

Post by Kilbren Sharpe on Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:22 am

Ethnicity: (Black, white, mixed etc.)
Magic: [If they were born with it put the name of the family you are in. If they have none leave blank.]
Skills/Jobs: [See job list for job, list skills.]

Appearance: [Pictures please.]

Eye colour(s):
Hair colour:
Build: (Muscular, slim etc.)
Scars, piercings, tattoos or wounds:



Elemental Magical Ability ( Maximum of 5)
What is Does:
Chanted or Spoken:

Your 3 natural powers:

These three powers are what you will start off on the site. You can then join The Guild to improve your skills or learn knew ones. The more you get depends on your behavior on the site, your contribution to posting and decisions and to make the forum a better place and on the quality of your posting. Everyone at The Guild has to learn:
- Mathmatics.
- English.
- Science.
- Spells [Beginners/Advanced/Exceeded depending on year.]

The skills available to learn at The Guild for first years [Age 5-10] are:
- Beginners Healing.
- Mythical Creatures.
- Beginners Magic Fighting.
- Magical Combat.
You may pick 3 of the above if you are in this year.

The Skills Available to learn at The Guild for the second years [Age 11-16] are:
- Advanced Healing.
- Advanced Magical Combat.
- Advanced Spells.
- French/German/Greek
- Potions Class.
- Herbology
You may pick 4 of the above if you are in this year.

The Skills Available to learn at The Guild for the third years [Age 17-20] are:

- Exceeded Healing.
- Exceeded Magical Combat.
- Exceeded Spells.
- Advanced French/German/Greek
- Advanced Potions Class.
- Advanced Herbology
- Ancient History
- Geography
You may pick 5 of the above if you are in this year.

List your subjects please and wait approval.
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