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Post by Innocent_ox on Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:21 pm

Name: Louisa Mai
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: mixed
Magic: Mai
Skills/Jobs: singer, horse riding,

Appearance: [Pictures please.]

Eye colour(s): Brown
Hair colour: Golden blonde
Height:5 ft 7
Build: slender, hourglass figure
Scars, piercings, tattoos or wounds: belly piercing, ear piercing, red rose tattoo around her right wrist like a bracelet.
Picture(s): Louisa Mai Jessicaalba
Louisa Mai Louisajess
Louisa Mai Louisaaa

Personality: Louisa is a lovely person to be around. She’s happy, bubbly and loves making new friends. She’s protective over her family and friends and will do anything to see they are unhurt even if it means she gets hurt in the place of them. She’s kind and loving and will always cheer people up when they’re down. When her mood changes it really changes and who evers on the end of her anger is certainly in for a bumpy ride. She adores singing and will sing anywhere and everywhere so goes.

Lousia was born 16 years to Lord and Lady Mai, teachers at the Guild. She was born with the mark, living up to their parents expectations. She had another sister and the pair got along well in early life. Lousia was a very happy child up until the age of 5 when she joined the guild. She spent her time outside in the garden with the plants and flowers. She loved behind around nature and water - they were beautiful. She developed a strong singing talent from a young age of 3. She thought nothing of it until she was older. When she was 5 Lousia joined the Guild in the younger years. She hardly saw her parents from then on but she soon gained alot of friends, being one of the main familes she was treated with the upmost respect and alot of people wanted to be her friends. However Lousia knew half of them just wanted to be her friends because of her family name, not because of her and for that reason she grew up quickly. She learnt the ins and outs of the Guild easily, finding quick passage ways to places so she could get an extra 5 minutes lay in. She progressed trhough the years,
top of her class with high marks and beautiful looks. Lots of guys where interested but she had never found...the one.
When she entered yr 2 when she was 11 she realised how special her music was to her. She sung all the time, often alone and to herself but whenever she did, it was as if everything around her was buzzing with life unless she was upset. Soon she realised she could control peoples emotions through song, depending on the words and notes and her phyiscal emotion. She develped the skill, thrilled and soon became enroled in drama classes and singing lessons in her free time. She did several school plays as the lead which put her at the top of the populatiry list. She was doing brilliantly. She loved her parents even though she hardly saw them, she loed her sister and spoke to her often, the only problem was: she wanted more. She was bored of always doing great. She wanted a challenge in life. Now she is in the next stage of yr 2 she hopes to find something that can push her skills to the highest they can go as she deicdes which dicipline to follow: healing, warrior skils of alchmey.

Elemental Magical Ability ( Maximum of 5)
Name: Emotion controls
Element: mind
What is Does: controls peoples emotions through song, depending on the words and notes and her physical emotion.
Chanted or Spoken: sung xD

Name: Fire
Element: Fire
What it does: Creates fire out of nowhere.
Chanted or Spoken: Thought of

Element: Water
What it does: Creates water out of nowhere
Chanted or Spoken: Thought of

Your 3 natural powers:
1. Telekinetic

These three powers are what you will start off on the site. You can then join The Guild to improve your skills or learn knew ones. The more you get depends on your behavior on the site, your contribution to posting and decisions and to make the forum a better place and on the quality of your posting. Everyone at The Guild has to learn:
- Mathmatics.
- English.
- Science.
- Spells [Beginners/Advanced/Exceeded depending on year.]

The Skills Available to learn at The Guild for the second years [Age 11-16] are:
- Advanced Healing.
- Advanced Magical Combat.
- Advanced Spells.
- Potions Class.

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Post by Athena Skye on Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:31 pm

Accepted wait for one more admin to approve you.
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Post by Kilbren Sharpe on Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:31 pm

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