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Post by Nightmare~Anatomy on Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:37 pm

Name: Amaranth Lucifer
Nickname(s): Ama, Luci
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Magic: Psychic Abilities
Skills/Jobs: None as of yet

Appearance: Ama has long dark hair, and looks very pretty. She looks weak, and dresses in feminine clotheing that accentuates her figure. Ama has dark eyes, with a steely gaze, and is also very slim and petite.

Eye colour(s): Dark brown/Black
Hair colour: Black
Height: 5ft
Build: Slim and petite, but very strong in both physicality and mind. Ama has a good figure and is athletically well proportioned and fit.
Scars, piercings, tattoos or wounds: Ama has her ears pierced, and her tongue pierced, and has a scar on her ankle were she was attacked as a child.

Amaranth Lucifer Natalie-Portman-wallpaper-Portrait-
Amaranth Lucifer 019677372
Amaranth Lucifer NataliePortman40

Personality: Ama is very distrusting, and only trusts those very close to her. She loves to have fun, however, and her passionate heart can sometimes get the better of her, leading her into difficult situations. Ama is also very flirtatious, and is well known for her ability to seduce. Ama is loyal to all her friends and family and always keeps promises. SHe is trustworthy, though sometimes a little brash when making decision.

History/Bio/Background: Ama was born into the Lucifer family on the 26th January. She has always grown up around her friends and family, though dislikes not being to go out and explore. Ama, at the age of 10, went out on night and got lost in the woods. Her loving father had told her not to go out, and to stay at home after dark where it was safe. Of course, Ama was curious though, and soon found herself wandering through the rustling trees long after midnight had struck. She had got lost, her namesake getting the better of her as she became panicked in the amaranth of trees surrounding her. But then a foe, a young warrior exiled for treason found her. He had the chance to kill her, there and then. But he didn't. Instead he took her hand gently and walked her back to her home, seeing her safely into bed and asleep. To this day, Ama does not know whether it was a mere dream or not, but she still hopes that one day or night she will once again see the young warrior who had so gently saved her life without a word.

Elemental Magical Ability

Your 3 natural powers:
1. Ability to move things with her mind.
2. Ability to read other people's minds.
3. Ability to make plants grow with her mind.

Skills Ama is learning:
Advanced Healing
Advanced Magical Combat
Advanced Spells

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