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Forum Rules. *Important*. *Read First*

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Forum Rules. *Important*. *Read First* Empty Forum Rules. *Important*. *Read First*

Post by Kilbren Sharpe on Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:35 am

Here are simple rules to make the site more enjoyable:

1. Respect your admins - we're here to make role playing more fun for you.
2. Respect other members - make it more enjoyable for others on here.
3. Get to know one another in the Out of Character section.
4. No cussing other members.
5. No bullying.
6. No god modding.
7. Don't Role play until your character has been accepted by an admin.
8. If you're stuck on how to do something, as an admin.
9. Keep RL and RP separate, we don't want feuds outside the site interfering.
10. Powers must be approved by an admin in the magic registration section.
11. There will only be 1 rogue magician each year - they're meant to be rare so we want to keep it that way!
12. You don't have to be part of a main family - if you wish to be another family pm an admin to add your family to the ranks and groups.
13. If you use a celebrity as your characters appearance you MUST post in the face claim as soon as you apply the character,to save doubles and annoyances,you must also check this section when applying,if the celeb you wanted is being used then you must find another one of use an animation image from manga,anime or someone photobucket.Celeb would be prefered so if you can use a celeb as your characters appearance (celebs incorperate models music stars etc.)
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