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Post by Kilbren Sharpe on Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:35 pm

Kilbren Sharpe.
Name: Kilbren Sharpe
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Magic: Kilbren’s power manifested on the evening of his 3rd birthday, during a small gathering his mother had hosted for his birthday. Someone popped a balloon which shocked Kilbren, causing him to emit a stream of pure lightning from his hand’s and destroys a valuable antique table. Far from perturbed of angry at the destruction of the table, his mother was more concerned with the mark now appearing in the centre of his forehead.
Skills/Jobs: Kilbren is skilled at talking to people, he sees it as one of his more endearing qualities. He enjoys it and has often been caught taking trips into the slums while dressed as a dwell, he feels the distress of the people in the slum’s and has un-openly tried to make a difference wherever he can, whether by a food parcel here, or a carefully placed bag of coin there.
Eyes: Amber :Rare for men of Imaldrin, comes from his mother’s side of the family. She is Elyne.
Hair: grown long in a ponytail down his back. Dark brown
Body: Toned and muscled, has a crescent moon shaped burn mark on his chest.
Face: Ruggedly handsome and attractive, has a small scar in his hairline.
Height: 5 ft 8"
Weight: 12 stone.

Kilbren can be a very easy person to become friends with; however anyone who knows him will tell you that if he takes a dislike to you upon first meeting it will take some time to build up his trust and change that first impression. Kilbren is a very family orientated person, and holds those he counts as friends and family close to his heart, is easy to trust and hates liars.
On first meeting Kilbren a person will learn he is pleased to help and always ready with a kind word or a stern one when his temper is roused.

Kilbren was born to the Sharpe family, one of the 7 powerful guild families. From his birth Kilbren was expected to have magical potential. Kilbren was a disappointment to his father from birth, not having been born with the mark as every male member of his family had for 1000 years. Kilbren spent little time with his father and was eventually forbidden to enter his sight without his mother present. This was hard for the young Kilbren to understand, but what was harder for him to understand was why his father no longer loved his mother. Years later Kilbren was to find out that his father blamed her for the lack of mark upon Kilbren’s brow at his birth, and the love that had brought them together fled his heart upon the first sight of the plain and unadorned brow of his son.
Kilbren grew up with his mother’s Elyne influence, him having the attitude that women are capable of owning property, and taking up as many responsibilities as a man. Kilbren was taught by his mother until the day of his 3rd birthday when his power’s manifested in a rush, during a small gathering his mother had hosted for his birthday. Someone popped a balloon which shocked Kilbren; causing him to emit a stream of pure lightning from his hand’s and destroys a valuable antique table. Kilbren dropped to his knee’s with a childish scream of agony. Drawing his father’s attention from the sitting room where he had been entertaining the father’s of the other children. Far from perturbed or angry at the destruction of the table, his father was more concerned with the mark now appearing in the centre of his forehead, virulent red tinged with black.
Kilbren’s father scooped the boy up into his arms with a joyous laugh. “Kilbren, my did it” This confused the young boy greatly as he had never been held by his father, not since his birth.
“ don’t love me..,” The young Kilbren replied, as the light died in his father’s eyes. Setting his son down, he turned stiffly from the room and walked away from the guest’s and his family. Never to be seen again.
Kilbren was enrolled in the academy the next day, and installed safely in his families hereditary apartment’s within its wall’s. Separated from his mother and with only the occasional letter, Kilbren’s life from here became lonely and desolate, his only comfort being his nurse and his fortnightly escape from the guild dressed as a dwell.
Kilbren’s power’s manifested at a fantastic rate, surprising even his tutor’s as his age grew, by the time he was 16, he was a master of all power’s to do with lightening, though..this being the power his family was famed for, it was hardly suprising. Kilbren struggled to master the other element’s often working late into the night and struggling under the eye’s of his tutors.
By the time Kilbren had made the second year of theacademy he had become more daring in his wanderings as a “Dwell” being careful to disguise himself. It was dressed as a dwell that he got his first glimpse of the rogue magician. He was close enough to touch her and he knew she had seen his amber eyes.
Fleeing the scene as fast as he could after pushing a bag of coins into her palm. Kilbren made his way back to the academy and to his tutors office. Seeking to inform them of the appearance of a rogue. He even knew her name..Athena..

Elemental Magical Ability (Maximum of 5)
Name: Kilbren
Element: Lightening- Summon lightening animal.
What is Does: allow's Kilbren to form an animal. Usually a tiger created from ligtening.
Chanted or Spoken: Controlled by the mind and a word of command.

Your 3 natural powers:
1. Lightening Control

- Mathematics.
- English.
- Science.
- Spells [Beginners/Advanced/Exceeded depending on year.]

The skills available to learn at The Guild for first years [Age 5-10] are:
- Beginners Healing.
- Mythical Creatures.
- Beginners Magic Fighting.

The Skills Available to learn at The Guild for the second years [Age 11-16] are:
Private project- Application of lightening for power. (endorsed)
- Potions Class.
- Advanced Healing.
- Advanced Magical Combat

The Skills Available to learn at The Guild for the third years [Age 17-20] are:

- Exceeded Healing.
- Exceeded Magical Combat.
- Exceeded Spells.
- Advanced Potions Class.
- Ancient History
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Accepted, year 2 - enjoy X)
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