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Post by Athena Skye on Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:18 pm

Name: Athena Skye
Nickname(s): Tina, Skye
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Mixed
Magic: Developed later in life, The Mark having appeared on her 16th birthday.
Skills/Jobs: Fast runner, expert of the subs, thief, pick pocket, Actress, fire juggler.


Eye colour(s): Hazel
Hair colour: Brown
Height: 5ft 6
Build: Hourglass, athletic.
Scars, piercings, tattoos or wounds: The Mark on her forehead.
Athena Skye - Rogue Sourceress Evamendes
Athena Skye - Rogue Sourceress Eva-mendes-012
Athena Skye - Rogue Sourceress E_mendes_bear_skin_rug

Personality: Athena is a very wild and determined girl who is use to having very little and getting quite a lot. She is quick thinking and quick tongued, with a foul temper and a heavy punch. She keeps her friends close and her secrets in her heart. She has only ever told one person her secrets which is her best friend. She is often hanging around with other urchins and street kids, always cussing and yelling abuse at The Guild and how they never helped people like her. Athena isn't someone to get on the wrong side of as she holds grudges for life.

History/Bio/Background: Athena was born to Maria Skye when she was only 19. Her father left her mother when she was 5 months pregnant with her. She lived on a small town on the edge of the city with her mother for some time until she was 5. She loved the time on the farm and she considers them her most cherished and private memories she shares with no-one, not even her best friend. Athena use to help her mother feed the chickens and her pet puppy and plough the fields and pick the fruit from the plants that towered over her. She didn't care, she was happy. When she was 5 her mother became very ill. Athena tried to get help for her but nobody cared about the crazy woman and her daughter on the hillside. Athena tended to her mother herself, taking the up most care, always gentle and soft with her and always trying to help. She cleaned the house while her mother slept of held her hand and cried and prayed. She was so scared, she didn't understand. On the 15th of November her mother died and Athena didn't leave her mothers side until her Uncle came around, hearing his sister was ill.
Athena lived with her uncle after her mothers funeral. She watched her mother burn and the farm sold, even though it was hers rightfully The Guild sold it off. She was made to live in the slums with her Uncle and Aunt. They were nice and sweet but they had their own child on the way and didn't have enough time for her. She got sent off to the local school. School was her favorite time of the day even though she only went for three days it made her happy and feel she could be something when she was older. Athena always did well in school even when she could no longer go at the age of 14 as there was no money to pay for it. The Guild had made it so that you had to pay after the age of 14 and of course her Uncle and Aunt couldn't pay for it. She gave up writing, convinced she was dumb which is why The Guild didn't want her.
Her misery slowly turned into Anger when she became aware that it was free to learn inside The Guild. She was one of the many who hated and loathed the men in long cloaks that made their lives a living hell. She soon set up a little gang in the subs, using the sewers and underground passage ways to get along her and her friends tried to make their lives a living hell. Every year when the magicians gates opened and the older magicians came in to discuss important matters and news laws she lead the stone throwing attack on the magic barrier they set up. The stones never got through but she didn't care, it made their point.
She didn't know however that the upcoming meeting would change her life...forever.

Elemental Magical Ability ( Maximum of 5)

Name: White Flame
Element: Fire
What is Does: Athena's body part, usually her hands or the mark on her forehead when she focuses on something else as it erupts into a pure magic flame of roar power.
Chanted or Spoken: Summoned by will or set off by emotions.

Name: Aes
Element: Earth
What is Does: Grows plants or heals or revives things herbal.
Chanted or Spoken: Chanted

Name: Torrent
Element: Water
What is Does: Summons powerful waves or creates water out of thin air using her mark.
Chanted or Spoken: Summoned.

Name: Whirlwind
Element: Air
What is Does: Sets of a strong wild wind that can rip trees from the ground.
Chanted or Spoken: Summoned or set off by anger.

Your 3 natural powers:
1. Telekinesis
2. Telepathic
3. Talking to animals

These three powers are what you will start off on the site. You can then join The Guild to improve your skills or learn knew ones. The more you get depends on your behavior on the site, your contribution to posting and decisions and to make the forum a better place and on the quality of your posting. Everyone at The Guild has to learn:
- Mathmatics.
- English.
- Science.
- Spells [Beginners/Advanced/Exceeded depending on year.]

The skills available to learn at The Guild for first years [Age 5-10] are:
- Beginners Healing.
- Mythical Creatures.
- Beginners Magic Fighting.

[depending on what year you put her in to start with]

The Skills Available to learn at The Guild for the second years [Age 11-16] are:
- Advanced Healing.
- Advanced Magical Combat.
- Advanced Spells.
- Herbology

The Skills Available to learn at The Guild for the third years [Age 17-20] are:

- Exceeded Healing.
- Exceeded Magical Combat.
- Exceeded Spells.
- Advanced Herbology
- Ancient History

List your subjects please and wait approval

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